As a manager, you have access to set up, sell, manage, and keep track of Admission Ticket sales if needed. To set up Admission Tickets, please look for the heading 'Admission Tickets' in your left-hand side menu within your manager account. Once you have created an Admission Ticket(s), they may be purchased via the orange ticket on the main Homepage of your auction site.


Selling Admission Tickets via the Admission Ticket function within the system is a free tool available to you and your organization! Admission Tickets are NOT susceptible to the 5% online auction performance fee.

Additional Options

Our system does not support tiered offerings, table/seat location, or pricing for Admission Tickets at this time. 

Free Admission Tickets

Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer free admission tickets on your website. The tickets are processed via PayPal and therefore the purchase price can not be $0.00. You might want to consider offering the ticket for $0.01. This would solve the problem. Alternatively, you are able to manually record the tickets via the manager account.