There are two ways that you can accept payments from your winning bidders: External/In-person Payments and/or Online Payments.
Online Payments: We integrate with PayPal for credit card processing. All you need to do is connect your PayPal account to BiddingOwl (a simple step) and your bidders can pay directly online after the auction concludes
You can integrate your organization's business PayPal API via General Setup > Payment Information.  
External/In-Person Payments: If you would like to accept external/in-person payments, you may do so in many different ways, such as cash, check, or via your own credit/debit card processing system, etc.
If you have an external site or different means of accepting credit/debit card payments (or are accepting cash, check, credit/debit card in person), you will need to place instructions on how your bidders can pay you within the system. Your winning bidders will see these instructions within their bidder account upon checkout and know how to pay you appropriately.
- You may include these instructions via General Setup > Payment Information > Alternative Payment Instructions.
Once you have received the payments, you will need to manually update the invoices within the system accordingly.
- You can manually update your winner's invoices via Auction End > Generate Invoices / Checkout.