In order to bid on any BiddingOwl auction, you will need to successfully register for a bidder account. You can register for a bidder account right from the auction site you are wishing to participate in. Below are simple steps to help you get started.

1) Find Your Auction

Enter the auction's URL into your browser's address field.  You are welcome to review auction items at any time without having to register or log in to a bidder account.  If you forget to register ahead of time, you will be directed to register as a bidder or sign in as a bidder the first time you attempt to place a bid.

2) Click on Register (top right corner of the auction site) and follow the short registration process. If you are registering from your mobile phone, then click on the menu button and select Register.

3) You will be directed to your email to confirm your registration. Once you have confirmed, you may sign in as a bidder on the auction site and proceed to bid.  

1) Browse the Categories in your non-profit's auction.
2) Select the item you would like to bid on.
3) Enter desired Bid Amount into the field provided
4) Click Bid and Confirm Bid
5) Congratulations, you are the current High Bidder for the item!

1) Enter into your browser's address field
2) Click on Bidder Sign In (at top of the page)
3) Enter your Email login and Password to review your account
     ​- View your Bid Status and Bid History by clicking on My Bids

     1) Log in to your Bidder Account to view your Bid History
     2) Click on a Shopping Cart icon next to one of your items and follow the short checkout process. Only items that you've WON can be checked out. 

- In order to receive Text Message Outbid Notifications, enter your telephone number and opt-in under your Account Details. You will receive automatic text messages when you've been outbid. This message will contain a link that directs you back to your Bidder account for convenience.