The Buy It Now button allows bidders to purchase an item at the Fair Market Value or amount of your choosing.  When a Bidder selects the Buy It Now option they are essentially taking the item out of play and no other Bidders are able to bid on the item.  Here is some additional information regarding the Buy It Now option... 

  • Although your items can be viewed before the auction starts, the "Buy It Now" button WILL NOT be VISIBLE OR LIVE UNTIL the auction actually starts.  
  • Buy It Now items are attached to the Bidder but are NOT REQUIRED TO BE PAID FOR UNTIL AUCTION END.
  • BIDDERS ARE ABLE TO PAY FOR THEIR "BUY IT NOW" ITEMS AT ANY TIME by logging into their Bidder account via > Bidder Sign In > click on the shopping cart in front of their Buy It Now item > continue to check out for that item.  
  • You are able to VIEW IF A "BUY IT NOW" ITEM HAS BEEN PAID for via Items > Item Management > view Paid column for that item.
  • Your Bidders will not receive a NOTIFICATION regarding the Buy It Now item until auction close
  • If the Buy It Now option has not been exercised, bidders can BID ABOVE THE "BUY IT NOW" PRICE. Once a bidder bids above the Buy It Now prices the Buy It Now button disappears to allow bidding to continue.
  • If you CHOOSE NOT TO USE THE "BUY IT NOW" option then you can just leave the Buy It Now field at zero.
  • Even if you choose to have a Buy It Now value, your bidders will still have the option to bid on the item. I.e. THERE IS NOT A WAY TO TURN OFF BIDDING FOR AN ITEM TO JUST ALLOW BUY IT NOW