There are two ways to take donations through your auction site. Here is a breakdown for you. You are welcome to do all of these options.


Hyperlinking your website donate button to your auction home page

  • there is no follow-up needed as your bidders will complete the checkout process through your outside link.

Activating the "Donate" button on your auction site via Dashboard > > click on the auction you would like to update > go to the Disable Donations field and select Yes or No if you would like to include this button on your auction.

  • if you do not have any other way to create or hyperlink a Donate button on your home page you can still receive donations.
  • anything done through this button is added to the bidder's invoice to be paid at the end of the auction.
  • bidders can delete these donations from their cart if they choose to do so before they check out.
  • you may have to follow up with those who do not complete the checkout process.
  • You can follow up with your unpaid bidders through your manager page via Communications > Send Email and/or Send SMS.