Thank you for your interest in using BiddingOwl for your fundraising needs. We offer online/mobile bidding where you will have your own auction website and start raising funds for your cause.

The cost is 5% of your highest bids (proceeds). BiddingOwl does not charge additional fees above the 5% of your total highest bids.  Any revenue generated through Admission Tickets, Fund-A-Need/Tickets, or through your Donation button on your auction home page, are not subject to the 5% fee.
However, PayPal and Credit Card fees still apply if you choose to integrate with PayPal for credit card processing. These will be charged directly through your PayPal account.  If you are not sure about your credit card rates/fees, as they may vary depending on the account type, please contact PayPal.

Traditional Silent Auction with Bid Sheets

You are able to use the BiddingOwl platform to manage your entire traditional Silent/Live Auction for FREE.  This includes your customized auction site and online previewable catalog, printed bid sheets, registering bidders and invoicing your bidders. Basically you may use the entire system EXCEPT for having people actually bid online.

Online Auction / Mobile Bidding -

If you want bidding to take place on phones, ipads, and computers at your event, we call this online/mobile bidding. Guests are able to bid from their devices at the event. This too is 5% of your highest bids. 

Silent / Live Auctions - Online Pre-Bidding Moving to Bid Sheets

Lastly, you are able to combine those two together. You can have an online auction before your event and paper bid sheets at your event. We call this pre-bidding. You are able to carry the highest online bids over to your live event. The bid sheets will reflect the highest bidder and bid from online. Once again we will charge 5% of the highest bids placed online only.

How does BiddingOwl get Paid? is paid through a credit card that you put on file when setting up your auction site via Online Auction Wizard > Run Online Auction Wizard > Step 4 of 4.  This card enables online bidding and allows BiddingOwl to charge you your auction fees.