If you are looking for information regarding all of your winning bidder's and their items, you can find this information in a few different ways!
1) Items > Item Management or Bidders > Bidder Management
Quickly glancing at an item or a bidder or even sorting the columns is an easy way to quickly reference the information you are searching for if you have a quick question about a specific individual or item. 
2) Print > All Invoices
This will give you PDFs of all the winner's invoices if that is most convenient for what you need. You can save these files for reference and/or print them from your device.
3) Items > Export Items or Bidders > Export Bidders
Exporting data gives you a CSV file (spreadsheet) of your data. Each exported file will give you different data - it all depends on how you want to view the information and what it is you need to reference. Exporting data does NOT remove or delete the data from your system, it is just a copy.

Hope this was helpful! Let us know if you need anything further.