Fund-A-Need / Tickets allow organizations additional options to raise revenue for their cause. Some examples include...

  • Sale of NON-BIDDABLE ITEMS with SET AMOUNTS AND AVAILABILITY such as; parties, classroom events, services, bulk items, etc. 
  • Raising monies for additional CAUSES OR PROJECTS.

Additional Fund-A-Need / Ticket information...

  • Fund-A-Need tickets are CONTINUOUSLY AVAILABLE, before, during, and after the auction.  
  • Can be DEACTIVATED by bringing the remaining stock count to zero.  
  • If a Fund-A-Need / Ticket is DELETED during an auction, any previously recorded tickets will still remain on the Bidder's account and Tickets Report until deleted from the Bidder's account. 
  • Set a ticket to $1 to be able to collect or record various amounts for a particular cause.
  • You are able to MANUALLY RECORD Fund-A-Need/Tickets to a Bidder account via Fund-A-Need/Tickets > Record Fund-A-Need/Tickets even if the Bidder is not already registered in the system.  The Bidder would be added "on the fly" during the recording of the ticket.