Once you sign up for a manager account, you are able to design your own auction site. You begin this process via the Online Auction Wizard. The Wizard is a simple tool to get your basics started and into the system.

Afterward, you can create and edit the rest of your auction! There are other basics you can customize within the system. You can also begin by adding your items and start the process of running the online auction. All parameters as far as timeline and pricing are up to you.

People will be able to bid on your BiddingOwl website after registering for a bidder account and logging in to place a bid. Bidders can opt-in to receive text messages and also email notifications and/or they have won the item.

As far as the cost goes, we charge 5% online auction performance fee of your revenue. This is calculated by adding the highest bids placed for all the items.  

If you need to start a new online auction using an existing BiddingOwl account, we have a simple 3-step reset process that allows you to reset your existing account in preparation for your next event.

These are just the basics - if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!