Welcome back!  We are able to reset the account for you in 3 Easy Steps ...
1. Export your Items, Bidder, Donor, and Volunteer information from your last auction.
2. Choose a reset option...
Option 1 
Delete Old Bids -  If you think that most of your donations will remain the same we can delete just the bids and leave the items and their setup information, That way you are able to update and delete the items on an as-need basis. Resetting your auction does not delete your Donor or Sponsor information.  Please note that deleting old bids will also delete any tickets sold in the past and/or are being sold currently.
Option 2
Delete All Items - we can delete all of your old items so you can start your new auction with a clean slate! Resetting your auction does not delete your Donor or Sponsor information.  
3. Email Us at info@BiddingOwl.com, or call 989.448.2189, and let us know the LOGIN EMAIL for your account and which OPTION you would like to proceed with.