We have made transitioning from pre-bidding to an event easy for you by following the steps below.
Printing Bid Sheets
Once the pre-bidding is concluded, you can print your bid sheets to continue bidding on the items during your live event.
You can print Bid Sheets one of two ways:
  1. Item Management > Select the item(s) > Find and click on the desired Bid Sheet in the header menu > Push "click here to print"
  2. Print > Bid Sheets (different layout options)
Recording your Final Bids
Once the bidding is over you will collect your bid sheets and record your final bids back into the system:
  1. Auction End > Record Bids
  2. Select the bidder
  3. Select the item
  4. Enter the last and highest bid amount from the paper bid sheet
  5. Select "close item"
  6. Click "bid" and confirm
This will attach the item to the bidder's invoice.
If an item did not receive additional bids on paper at your event, you can manually close the item via item management: Item Management > Select the correct item > Click "Close Selected"
Checkout and Pickup
There are different ways to retrieve the information on what a bidder has won. Here is the easy way:
  1. Auction End > Generate Invoices
  2. Select and find the bidder
  3. Record the payment if necessary (Credit Card option processes via Stripe or PayPal. Offline Payments are for cash, check, or manual credit card processing outside of the system)
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.