The leaderboard can be projected on a wall, TV screen, etc., to inform attendees about bid activity.

The Leaderboard can be displayed in the following ways...

Bid Activity    [Leaderboard > Bid Activity]
When a bid is placed on any item, the item moves to the top of the Leaderboard. You can decide what you want shown on your leaderboard by clicking "Show Options" in the top left corner.

Carousel / Rotation    [Leaderboard > Bid Activity > Show Options]
Displays a set number of items per page as the leaderboard moves from page to page. New bids will not move to the top of the list.

Featured Items  [Item Management > Bid Activity]
To view specific items, go to Item Management > click on the checkboxes for the items you would like to feature > click Bid Activity from the menu above.